Genre examples (updated 2/11/16)


NYT Review of Per Se || Dissolve Review of Amy || New Yorker Review of Dept. of Speculation

DO: Author as character — not necessarily neutral character. Unusual situation. Photos to illustrate points. Telling different side of a story. Using review as a story. Language appeals to audience. Correct misconceptions. Show multiple sides of a story.

DON’T: No one-sided reviews


Amateur Gourmet recipe || Glenna Knits sweater advice || Gear Patrol on packing tobacco

Nicole Diecker on personal finance || Apartment Therapy on clutter || Kristin Wong on avoiding time sucks

DO: Personal details. Refer back to old posts. Have foresight. Create low stakes/less stress. Price ranges. Be aware of audience range. Passion, research specific to this field. Use of photos.


Dog Breeding || Ice skating || Rock climbing || Fly fishing

DO: First person, detailed. Uses a lot of examples and explanations. Shows a lot of personal familiarity with topic. Uses personal examples. Relatable. Conversational.


Omid Safi on busyness || Albert Burneko on Dove soap || Wagatwe Wanjuki on dating as a Black woman

DO: Conversational tone. Personal and emotional. Reaching out to an audience. Can be intimate. Airing of grievances. Try for consistent argument. Uses personal issues to address larger social issues.

Penny for your thoughts.

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